So this is all about me and this blog. A bit of background, if you will. I am an English man in his early – mid forties. I have had, some might say, too many jobs in my time. It is true, I have had many jobs and have had more addresses than most. I feel that this has made me a very rich person, but not in a financial sense…

We (my family and I) lived in Southern Japan for a number of years until two years ago. I drove the family to try living in the UK. To cut a long story short, less than a year in, when we looked at our situation we decided that actually we were better suited (not to mention better off) in Japan. Japan is not perfect, it is no Valhalla (nowhere is), but there is plenty to be contented with here and that is where I am. As an aside, I am interested in Zen, Mindfulness, Pagan and Heathen spirituality and also Celtic music (so expect these to pop-up occasionally too), but I digress.

Why brewing beer? Well, I love ale, really love ale. I have also been racking my brain for  very long time about what I could do here which could be a worthwhile hobby with the potential to be more. And voila! Brew my own beer, build up the knowledge and experience in that and see where it takes me. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my Micro-Brewery. So I will start with Home Brew and go from there…hopefully. For a while I will be in a research and building stage. We are just re-establishing ourselves after our go at living in the UK and besides all my kit is in the UK. After that I will be documenting recipes and brewing and tasting notes.

I also love growing things. So to supplement my Micro-Brewery idea, I’m thinking of growing hops and eventually barley (malt). Of course, as you will see throughout this site, nothing is without it’s challenges and this blog is going to catalogue every one of them. As this is a journey based blog, there will be blogs on anything and everything along the way. Now that may have lesser or stronger links to ale and brewing beer, but there will always be a link somewhere…    .

This blog may act as a resource (or inspiration, who knows) to anyone else who lives in these isles who fancies giving Home Brew a go. It may just be a list of “what not to do’s”. Either way, it’s a journey that will be documented and shared.

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