Brew Day 2!

Oh yes, we are brewing again. On Saturday I was joined by a potential fellow journeyman and I ran through the process with him which was much smoother than Brew Day 1.

I had hoped to brew 10 litres by doubling my malt and hops and liquoring back in the cooling stage. In the end I didn’t risk it and opted for the same method, but with the addition of medium crystal malt and a better job of ‘mashing in’ (steeping the grains, a bit like you would tea). This time I found I could hold the temperature at 66 degrees for the whole hour, which should give a much silkier and maltier taste than Brew 1.

I used the remaining half of the yeast (Safale-04, an English ale yeast) and again pitched at 24 degrees, which is officially too warm. Again time constraints dictated the pace. The temperature dropped to better levels fairly quickly last time and it didn’t seem to cause any problems. I will however, adjust my volumes next time, so that I can add more cool water to hit 18-22 degrees before I pitch the yeast for my next brew. This simply means that I’ll mash and boil with less water and make up the difference by adding chilled water at the cooling stage. All good in theory…

Next brew I will probably do exactly the same, but will use Safale-05. This yeast is used for American Ales and will give a drier ale and may accentuate the hops more. Who knows? By only changing the yeast, it will be very interesting to see the result (presuming I can keep all other variables the same…see below). I might also add a secret local adjunct (special ingredient) to add a unique taste element.

The weather is now perfect for brewing with temperatures hovering around those that are ideal for yeast and fermentation (16-22 degrees Celsius). By the time of my next brew I am likely to face my first climate-related challenge and will have to employ my grey matter to solve it. The temperatures are only going to get warmer now. But, this journey is all about challenges.

By the way, the picture is of my mini-cellar. It is located below the floorboards. It is the coolest place in the house, bar the fridge/freezer. I am running out of space though and may need to find another solution soon…


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