Will the journey be walked alone?

As you may know I am on a journey towards founding a brewery. This is an all encompassing journey and entails a great many challenges on a wide number of fronts. I am starting by crafting my own brews 5 litres at a time at home, in what was our old pasta pot. So far I have brewed two ales and one mead. None of these is yet ready for consumption, though my first ale will be ready this Saturday. Watch this space.

However, being focused, persistent and enthusiastic has attracted others to the journey and I now find myself with a few potential travellers who are at least willing to wave me along on the road I am taking. At first, I thought “no one is going to be interested in this idea, it is simply too full of obstacles and is too ambitious”. However, as I have progressed along the road and stubbornly dug-up more information and added more aspects to this goal, others have been attracted to the vision. Of course, I am no closer to guaranteed brewery-dom than before, but I feel I am taking the necessary baby-steps toward it.

Last Saturday I had my second brew day (more details given below). This time I was not alone. One of my potential travellers wanted to see the process in action and also confessed to having an idea for a stall selling the brews at a local tourist hot-spot. He then went to research a potential location for a Brew-Pub (which I have since been advised as the way to go). It seems that my dream has inspired him and got his imagination going. Great news, I will need fellow visionaries to make a real go of this.

Another friend, who already owns a bar and loves ale himself is chomping at the bit to try my first attempt this weekend and has suggested that he too is interested in my adventure. I will be trying my first brew this Saturday night in his bar behind closed doors. Not selling my beers, of course. This really would be foolish. Not only is it of entirely unknown quality, but it is also illegal and may jeopardise the journey.

Then there is a relative who has owned and ran a successful bar and restaurant in his time who is also showing an interest, albeit a slightly more aloof and detached interest. He has already been the source of some great information of exactly the kind of volumes I can hope to shift together with some sage advice. The latter being that I should nurture my inner-turtle and rein back the hare until I’m sure my recipes are good and I can consistently make a decent pint.

The broader message of todays blog, for me at least, is that to inspire and motivate others, it seems that fancy speeches and big words are not necessary. Simply, being positive, genuine, enthusiastic and persistent may be enough. Perhaps it is a case where ‘actions’ really do speaker louder than ‘words’.


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