Anti-Mosquito Garden update

At last the Cherry Blossoms are out and they are providing lots of pale pink colour. Personally, I really like the contrasts they provide with the vibrant green of the new leaves of the Acers, seen above in the cover photo. Next year, I will hopefully be able to enjoy my own brews under the blossoms in the viewing parties that abound at this time of year. Today’s blog is about my throwing down of the gauntlet to the ‘Challenge of enjoying a brew outside unharassed by the airborne menace that is the mosquito’. However, that is where this blog’s link to ale ends.

Last night the Green Man was bitten by the first mosquito of the year! Hence, my return to this topic of ‘The Anti-Mosquito Garden’. Last year I blogged about the challenge of keeping these flying nuisances at bay by planting almost exclusively plants that mosquitoes are reported to dislike in my garden. As stated above, my long term aim is to enjoy my carefully and lovingly crafted ales outside without being eaten alive. Whether it will be a success or not, who can say, but the project is progressing. Today’s blog is to show where the Green Man is with this.

To re-cap, I planted several plants around the garden designed to ward off the tiny, buzzing menace. I planted Camomile under the wood decking with the idea that it being trodden on will release a fragrance that will be unpleasant to the target insect. I have planted mints in pots and also into a hemmed-in area of soil by the front door (I may live to regret putting a mint into soil, but we shall see…).

I also planted two rose-scented geraniums, of which one succumbed to a typhoon last September, RIP. There are also two French, feathery lavenders. One of these took a real bashing in the aforementioned typhoon, but has hung-on, tres bon! There is one Lemon Grass which was planted by the wood decking surrounded by a stone mulch. I have high hopes that this will thrive this year and be an attractive, as well as fragrant, feature.

I also planted five Chrysanthemums, which were a bit spindly last Autumn, but were cut back and are bushing out nicely. There is also a Thyme. I also planted Marigold seeds about 3 weeks ago which are just coming up now.

I would like to add Fever-few to this Anti-Mosquito Brigade and may have to replace my German Camomile with Roman at some point…

Anyway, the Green Man’s Anti-Mosquito Garden is maturing nicely. When the plants are even more established I will put ribbons attached to small stakes around these plants that will flap in the breeze, strike the foliage and release the frangrances / essential oils. The garden should then be something to behold (or, perhaps we will just ‘behold-ing’ our noses!).

I will blog again when the plants are more established and I have my ribbons in place. I can’t to see (and smell) the effects!


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