Challenge Number 1 – employment

In one of my first blogs I mentioned the challenges I was facing and I think top of the list was employment. Let’s face it, it is a biggie. Without employment there is not a lot of anything. Before moving my wife had already secured employment,  so we can just about survive, for now. Not so for yours truly. I had a good lead and something half-sorted, but it was never concrete. Predictably, my half-sorted job fell through and this was always a very real possibility, so I was not taken aback or resentful. Being well and truly outside the traditional hiring period in Japan, however, it did leave us in a sticky position.

Having moved countries twice in the last twelve months we are financially in a bit of a ‘tight spot’, shall we say, with our coffers pretty much empty. So, with a family to care for a job is a priority. Of course, I have been on it since I got back and I have been amazed at the support and help of people. I was given a list of numbers of people who likely had work going by a kind friend. I called them all. Within hours I had two jobs (part-time) if I wanted them, the possibility of a full-time job and someone else who was forwarding my CV and asking questions to likely employers on my behalf. Incredible! Most of these people I had never met before.

Now almost a month after arriving I have a pretty ideal full-time job arranged and a few part-time/ casual jobs to do in the meantime. Things are rarely without their challenges and this is no exception. My full-time post is pretty ideal, it will give me time to devote to the fledgling brewery idea, decent enough salary, vacation time and even a car. However, it does not start until January…hence the need for part-time and casual work in the meantime. Again, I am playing the waiting game. But, that’s ok, we can wait and be patient.

Challenge 1, with the kind help of strangers, is almost there. When the income rolls in and we have some spare cash, I can think of growing hops and barley. Until then it’s all about the groundwork. Research, reading, sorting out land and finding out as much as I can about the process of turning a Nano-Brewery into a Micro-Brewery in my adopted home-land.

Know anything about it? Want to share your experiences? Want to just share a story about the kindness of strangers? Drop me a line or leave a comment.


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