The anti-mosquito garden

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I was trying to create a garden where mosquitoes would not plague us while we were enjoying our fine brews and barbeques. Well, one idea I want to test is to grow almost exclusively plants that mosquitoes are reported to dislike. So, I have gone out and either bought seed or young plants and planted them around the garden. The results are below:

kimg0045.jpgAlong the path, from left to right, we have: Penny Royal Mint, Peppermint, Rose-Scented Geranium, Lavender and another Rose-Scented Geranium.


To the right of the Olive Tree we have Lavender in the foreground and two Chrysanthemums in the background. There is a Lemon Scented Thyme to the left of the Olive Tree.


Here we have three Chrysanthemums.


Under the wood decking we have seedlings of German Chamomile.


Next to the wood decking we have Lemon Grass (or Citronella).

There are also cuttings of Rosemary and another two Penny Royal plants dotted about. I still want to add Fever Few to this garden, but have not found plants, nor seeds yet.

I have read that the mere presence of the plants will not be enough to deter the pesky biting insects. However, I have also heard of a very nice trick employed in herb gardens where ribbons are tied to sticks near the aromatic plants. As the ribbons blow in the breeze they knock into the plants and they release some of their aroma. I will try this once the plants have matured and they have recovered from the bashing from Typhoon 16 (See An unexpected challenge). The German Chamomile plants should release their aroma, as being under the edge of the decking, they are in a high traffic area.

Again, time will tell if this is an effective strategy. I have also put out-of-date Olive Oil in our water butt, but sadly it overflowed and the oil has been washed away. I need to investigate this, as it should not happen.

If anyone has any comments or results from similar experiments, please let me know.


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