Garden Pests

Another slightly tenuous link to brewing beer, but then, as you know, I’m playing the long game. The best garden for hops (and drinking my brews) will be one that doesn’t get fouled up by cats and one in which I can sit without being bitten to pieces by mosquitoes.

These have been two challenges for the last few days. Cats. I think barriers are the only effective remedy and they must be flimsy. Flimsy? I hear you say. Yes, flimsy enough so that they won’t carry a cats weight (and therefore too scary for intrepid felines to climb). I have one such barrier at one end of the veggie patch and need to get one for the other end. But, while shopping for remedies for my other garden challenge I found an intriguing new solution. More of that later.

At the moment cats are not a massive problem. Only one incursion so far and it I remove the mess sharpish, they may not establish their toilet in my veggie patch. So, onto my next challenge. Mosquitoes.

Our garden is a nightmare for mosquitoes. I and my children get bitten mercilessly. I’ve just put olive oil into the water butt to make a barrier against mosquito eggs spawning in there. However, to supplement this I want to experiment with a different idea. Besides, I think that the main spawning grounds are the drains which I can’t cover in oil. I want to create a garden that exclusively contains plants that mosquitoes supposedly detest. So, for now I have bought Lavender, Rose-scented geraniums, Lemon thyme, Peppermint, Chrysanthemums, Chamomile and Penny Royal (another mint). I may also include Lemon Grass (Citronella), Marigolds, Fever Few, Rosemary and Basil. I have read that this will be ineffective, but then if you don’t try you will never know. It will certainly a very aromatic garden at the very least.

My search for the anti-mosquito plants led me to buy a couple of anti-cat plants. Again, let’s see how effective they turn out.




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